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A floral Love Story


Days are getting shorter, leaves are falling off the trees and the edelweiss flower is in full bloom. Oh yes, you read that right! While it is fall outside, it is also about time to fall in love … with flowers on your head! (Fair enough, since autumn is said to be the spring of winter.)

All along and regardless of the season, the „Queen of the Alps“ actually has been a true symbol of eternal love. Well, you know how they say: Every queen needs a crown! Et voilà – a floral fantasy of love that is both timeless and meant to last forever, just like the edelweiss itself…

edelweiss - the Alpine Flowercrown

© We Are Flowergirls

© We Are Flowergirls


Inspired by the picturesque Alpine nature, blossoms of different shapes, colors and sizes are transformed into one delightful masterpiece. Exquisite artificial vintage flowers in various shades of green and blue, brown and white, as well as tints of subtle copper mix with the iconic edelweiss embroidery that adorns the bottle of edelweiss - the Alpine Vodka.

Each and every of these blooming beauties is one of a kind, made by hand and – quite obviously – with lots of love. It may be called a passionate romance, love at first sight or an everlasting one. Indeed, this creation is all of it and so much more: It pays homage to rare sophistication, to unrivaled elegance and to style that goes far beyond ephemeral trends.

Cheers to the lovely We Are Flowergirls for making this magic happen ♥

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