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"Love her but leave her wild"

Love her but leave her wild.

She is an ineffable beauty. With hidden strength. And a determined heart. She is fierce and tough. While she blossoms and blooms. A passionate soul. Just the way she is. Simple yet sophisticated. Like a daydream but oh, so real. She never stops. Wondering. Exploring. And forever flirting with life. On summer mornings. As on dark nights. She is a miracle of nature. With strong roots. And wings to fly. An eternal mystery. A timeless piece of art. Full of grace and elegance. Full of life. Full of love. Full of magic. She is a pure inspiration. And her very own muse.

She is not like anyone, anywhere. But totally different. Because she dares to be rare. Because she rather stands out than to fit in. Because she always stays true to herself. She is audacious. Brave. Independent. And never afraid. To leave the beaten tracks. To take risks. And to live by her own rules. She is a rebel. So wild and so free. They cannot chase her. They cannot define her. And they never will. They may say she is unforgettable. Extraordinary. Truly unique. And inimitable. Precious. One of a kind. Or even the one. And still she is far beyond all these words. 

Isn’t she just like you?