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The Alpine Luxury to go


On the to-do list for today (and basically every day, right?): 

Browsing the World Wide Web on the laptop… Googling this, that and the other… Then placing an online order on the tablet… Answering those e-mails… Scrolling the Gram on the phone… Followed by making some calls… And (not to forget!) taking some pictures along the way…

Well, time flies (just have a look at your smartwatch…) when using all these gadgets and yes, it is for sure some hours that are spent exactly like this every single day. No worries, we do not want to stop you from doing so, but we would love to take you on a trip to Alpine nature in between.

To the mountains, please!

Forever inspired by the edelweiss flower (as well as convinced of the idea that everyone should always be equipped with some Alpine Luxury to go…), we created a little something for your desktop, your tablet, your phone and your Apple Watch:

Simply download the Alpine Wallpaper, adorn your devices with this exceptional work of art and you will be enchanted by all these blossoms of white from wherever you scroll, swipe, browse or google. So, what are you waiting for?

Let it bloom!