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The Magic is in the Details


What is it that comes to your mind when thinking of edelweiss - the Alpine Vodka? 

Is it the outstanding experience of taste? The excellent craftsmanship? Or the very best of Alpine nature? Yes, all so true! Is it further Agent Provocateur that you associate with the premium vodka? Or Akris? CHANEL? And Wolford? No? Well, better continue reading then…

Embracing the extraordinary, always!

Indeed, to mention edelweiss - the Alpine Vodka in one breath with all these luxury houses (which are only a few examples of an illustrious list) is not mere wishful thinking, but an actual fact. While every single of these brands is for sure unique, they have a lot more in common than one might assume at first glance.

Regardless of whether it is high fashion, elegant lingerie or premium vodka, all of their creations are driven by an unwavering commitment to supreme quality, characterized by inimitable passion and precious heritage as well as inspired by the extraordinary:

At all times and in everything these brands do, they have it, that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Edelweiss Embroidery

The Art of Embroidery

Simply take a closer look at the bottle of edelweiss - the Alpine Vodka… With its pure silhouette that is reduced to the absolute essential, it is still the one that stands out among dozens of spirits. Because there is this little detail, that precious piece of art that makes it so different:

The embroidered edelweiss flower that embellishes every single creation. 

Made of white cotton and a glamorous touch of lamé, the embroidery highlights the creation’s one and only muse. Stitch by stitch, it pays homage to the iconic symbol of the Alps. And it is exactly this special something that makes every bottle of edelweiss - the Alpine Vodka just as unique as its taste. 

It may sound too good to be true, but it is: Each and every of these embroidered beauties comes to life just among the precious details that adorn the prêt-à-porter collections of CHANEL or the luxurious lingerie creations of Agent Provocateur.

Because what unites all these high-end brands more than anything else, is that they share the love for embroidered details made in Austria. Yes, it is the very same manufacturer, located in Lustenau (just like edelweiss - the Alpine Vodka) working his magic for all of them:

Hämmerle & Vogel

Officially established in 1958, Hämmerle & Vogel’s dedication to embroidery actually dates back to 1900. It was at that time when Anton Hämmerle, the great-grandfather of the later founder, laid the foundation for an unparalleled success story by purchasing a hand embroidery machine. 

Thanks to the second-generation owner Albert Hämmerle, who made use of one of the first mechanical embroidery machines, Hämmerle & Vogel took another important step forward, which was eventually followed by the foundation of the company by his son Heinz Hämmerle together with his mother Lydia Vogel.

Today, Hämmerle & Vogel is still run as a family business by Heinz Hämmerle and his son Markus Hämmerle. The manufactory is not only one of the most important and successful embroidery companies in the Lake Constance region, but also the first address for the „who is who“ of luxury around the world.

With that in mind, it is definitely no exaggeration to say that all these brands – may it be CHANEL or Agent Provocateur, Wolford or Akris – cherish the same idea of luxury like edelweiss - the Alpine Vodka.
In other words:

They all live and breathe the Alpine Luxury every single day.